April is Autism Awareness month so mark your calendars for the first Saturday of April 2015. This Year it will be April 4th  12:00 - 5:00. You do not want to miss this event.

The ticket price includes all you can eat crawfish, Kelley's "Great Tastin' Sensation" sausage, fresh corn, baby red potatoes, baby mushrooms.


Come join us this year for great music, great food, and a great time!


The Annual Autism Mud Bug Ball will be held at Rock Bottom American Pub. The plan is to cook 4000 pounds of FRESH crawfish, 160# of Kelley's sausage, bite sized red taters, baby mushrooms, fresh corn on the cob and the coldest BAMA Budweiser/Back Forty beverages you will need. While attending the event remember all proceeds go to help Autism in central Alabama.


Make sure to check out the Raffle items we have so many great prizes this year.